How Do Months Without Interest Work?

If you still feel insecure or completely ignore how the months work without interest, here we explain. These types of purchases and transactions are very common, so we consider it convenient for you to know how they operate.


What are the months without interest?

What are the months without interest?

Following the concept of the Condusef, the promotion to months without interest works as the name implies – without interest – when you are paid. However, if you fall hopelessly you will end up paying them.

Such promotions are usually 6, 12, 24 and up to 48 months without interest. Yes, it sounds very practical and tempting. This purchase option has its benefits when used properly. This offers the possibility of deferring an expense that in cash you could not cover at this time. In that case, they are very beneficial and help your economy.

The problem is in the exaggeration, the excesses and in the superfluous purchases that in reality could expect or that could even be eliminated from the map. The indiscriminate use of your credit card can lead you to bankruptcy.


Maybe the payments at the time of purchase are made small

payment purchase

Almost negligible, but the sum of reduced biases can result in a very large one when paying. If derived from this, you are late in payments, you will end up paying interest and borrowing for a longer-term than the original scheme.

For all this, before purchasing a product (or service inclusive) ask yourself if you really need it or only buy it because it is in promotion.

Although some people find it an ugly habit. It is important to compare, as you will surely find different prices in each establishment. The above will allow you to take advantage of the differences and know if you would really pay the same price in months as in cash. After buying months without interest with your card, the bank will inform you of the statement. This will have the transaction detail, the original amount and how much you owe at the moment.